Love is in the Air….

Hey Y’all Hey!! It’s that time of year… Love Is in the air, wait, or maybe that’s just… anyway, we gonna say it’s LOVE! Do you plan for the day? You know, Valentine’s Day?

If you’re like me, you actually like this Holiday. The MAJOR DATE night of the year. Guys, well, I can’t say ALL guys, but most guys feel as if this is the time of year that’s JUST FOR BUYING or a COMMERCIALIZED Holiday.

WHOOO CARES!! Why is it, that you have to look at it as a BAD THING? Now I know, yes, we get flowers and gifts throughout the year, but what’s wrong with going OVERBOARD for one day a year, other than Birthdays, but that’s another blog for another day.

What I’m saying is, JUST DO IT!! Go all the way out for your Boo on this day! Bae deserves a few days out of the year to be reminded of why you fell in love with them, walk down memory lane and act as though you’re trying to WOO them again.

Remember, the beginning, the Butterflies, the taking time to get ready, or actually putting thought into a surprise or date with Bae? Why not rekindle this again? An actual Holiday that doesn’t evolve around the kids, the fact that you have kids, or let’s just be straight up…the night to be the FREAKEIST, SEXIEST, ALL OUT IN TO YOUR Boo Holiday.

You could agree or disagree with me, but hey, I LOVE THIS HOLIDAY! Of course I would right? I’m the Queen of Couples Goals!! Have you been to the site??? Twisted Flirt , you’ve gotta check it out if you haven’t.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada — Black woman in bed shopping online with credit card — Image by © LWA/Dann Tardif/Blend Images/Corbis

Point is, just embrace the day, and just have a GREAT time with BAE! If you want to recreate bonding time and have fun with your boo, checkout our Signature Game Boxx, “Time 2 Play with Bae”.

The box includes:

  • 5 Couples Games
  • 2 Wine Tumblers
  • 1 Couples Toy
  • 30 Days with Bae Challenge
  • Pheromone Massage Candle
  • Laughter and Sexy Fun with Bae

Go ahead, check it out and view other products we have to offer. There are more products being added to the site each month. Items such as: Bath & Body, Lingerie and PJ sets, Fitness wear and Fitness items, Yoni Bars, and much more.

If there is anything you think we should add, let me know, I’d love to know what YOU want.

Chat soon and ENJOY YOUR WEEKEND!!

Happy Valentine’s Day !!!


J. Robinson, Dope Chic


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