I had to STOP and take care of self…

Hey Hey Guys!! Your girl had to take a SERIOUS break… yeah, I’ve done it before and THAT’s OK!

Everyone needs to take a moment and enjoy the benefits of life and have some Self-Care activities.

Queen in the Sun

Unfortunately, mine came from being a bit ill. With all of the jobs, titles, and everything in between I attempted to juggle, I became SUPER overwhelmed and neglected my own health. I won’t get into too many details, but I WIL TELL YOU THIS… after a certain age, we need to start paying attention to our bodies and if that means taking supplements, vitamins, and getting some FREAKIN’ REST… well-by-GOLY make sure you do that.

I never really paid attention to my body screaming it was tired, until it MADE me SIT DOWN!!

I had the mindset of…

  • Keep Moving
  • I’ll Sleep when I’m dead
  • Team No Sleep
  • Push past it, You got it

The thing about working your BUTT OFF… it’s NOT HEALTHY AT ALL!!! I know, I know, back in the day, just like me, we all had those “party all night” moments and it was super easy… back then…super easy BACK then…

HOWEVER, when you add in:

  • KIDS
  • WORK
  • STAYING SEXY (that’s a job too, don’t judge me)
  • Daily+Weekly+Monthly RESPONSIBILITIES
  • Politcal+Social STRESS
  • SCHOOL (I’m a education junkie)

You can get WIPED ALL THE WAY OUT…NO MORE Stamina to stay up late! No More Partying til Dawn! No more…I could really keep going. I’m at that point where, I’m excited to take a hot shower, rub down in my smell good lotions and oils, climb into bed, cuddle with my Boo and fall asleep watching cartoons by 9pm… YES REALLY and I KNOW I’m not alone.

My point, EMBRACE the tired feeling. When your body says it’s tired, take a NAP, when you can. If you don’t FEEL like hanging out, DON’T. If you not feeling like getting “Lit” at the BBQ, DON’T. If you’d rather take leisurely walk, DO IT. If you’re working and having a hard time focusing and getting frustrated, Take a minute and STEP AWAY.

Those things, Those activities, That work… WILL STILL BE THERE.

However...there’s always that

  • If you made plans with friends, make sure you plan your day. Don’t do too much to get yourself tired and if you do, take a nap before hand. You don’t want to flake on them, they are your support system, and everyone needs “friend time”.
  • Don’t get SUPER wasted, because you WILL be the party pooper, or miss the fun completely.
  • If you notice that you are toooo tired, more than usual, make an appointment with your doctor and get your vitamin levels checked. You may find out you need a few supplements to help you get through the day.
  • Don’t pile too much on your plate!!! I REPEAT, DO NOT pile too much on your plate. (Did you hear me in the back?) Life is like a juggling act. When you think you can handle one thing, you automatically feel as if you can throw in another, then another, then another… after awhile, you have sooo many things going on and you begin dropping your plates. Not being able to focus, not being able to keep up with responsibilities, forgetting things, etc.

We have ONE life, plan accordingly, take time for self care, and enjoy the moments…

J. Robinson…

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