Vision Boards are NOT that complicated!!

It’s been awhile, ya girl had to step back and focus on, well ME. Keeping up with what YOUR goals and Plans are essential when running a business or wanting to start one. With that being said, I know you’ve seen posts and blogs about vision boards. You may think, “UGH, more to do!” However, creating a vision board helps you get focused, stay focused, or assists in refocusing your plan.

We know, we should always have a plan of action, for ANYTHING we do. When it comes to business, it’s truly helpful to create a Vision Board.

Vision board example from

Here are a few things needed to create a Vision Board:

  • Poster Board
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Magazines (your favorite of course, but those you don’t mind cutting up)
  • Decorating supplies: Glitter, stickers, stamps, etc

When starting your vision board, you want to think of all of the things you aspire to do throughout life, school, business, or whatever you feel you would need the vision board for. For me, I’m not gonna front, I wasn’t feeling doing one at all. I felt as though it was a waste of time and I didn’t understand the purpose.

Luckily, I had a neighbor that decided, for her birthday, she wanted to host a Vision Board party. I thought it was different, so I said, Why not. We were instructed to bring our own magazines and any additional decorating supplies we would like to use. We each had our own creative space around the living room and we got to cutting.

I sat back and had to think, what the HECK am I doing? I have no clue where to begin! So she explained to me what the purpose of the vision board was and to think of goals I would like to achieve within 1 year and goals I would like to achieve within 5 years. After that, I got to thinking and began to browse through the pages of the magazines.

It’s a bit funny, because I’ve looked through these magazines many times, but now that I’m thinking about my goals, I’m seeing photos and articles in the magazines quite differently. I started cutting away, writing down my thoughts and ideas, adding stickers, glitter, pictures galore…

In the midst of all the cutting, we played games, indulged in snacks and had a lot of fun. So much so, that we ran out of time to finish. However, we were each given an accountability partner to check-in throughout the year and a few times a month to keep us focused on our goals.

The whole idea of the Vision Board, may sound like something busy and silly to do. However, after I created mine, it helps me stay focused on my goals. I’ve accomplished quite a few, and looking back, when I check-in it feels REALLY FREAKIN’ GOOD!!

My Vision Board

Long story short, if you have things you want to accomplish, things you’ve been wanting to try, or just need a visual of things that keep you motivated …Create a Vision Board, trust me, it’s NOT THAT HARD and it truly helps.

XO, J. Robinson, Dope Chic


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