Love is in the Air….

Hey Y’all Hey!! It’s that time of year… Love Is in the air, wait, or maybe that’s just… anyway, we gonna say it’s LOVE! Do you plan for the day? You know, Valentine’s Day? If you’re like me, you actually like this Holiday. The MAJOR DATE night of the year. Guys, well, I can’t sayContinue reading “Love is in the Air….”

How about your edges? Edge Naturale Review

So check this out, ya girl was into the whole wig slay evolution for a brief moment. Don’t get me wrong, I still rock them, but not as much or now a days when I do, I take my time with the application of products I use for the slayage. Now, the problem I encounteredContinue reading “How about your edges? Edge Naturale Review”

Top 4 Easy & Creative Gifts for the Holidays

It’s that time of year, well duh, we are literally 1 week away from Christmas!! I know I’m not alone when I say…the excitement kind of goes away when you’re an adult. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the holidays. Spending time with family, starting new traditions, the Holiday movies, and of COURSE the giftContinue reading “Top 4 Easy & Creative Gifts for the Holidays”

Color makes a difference…

Hey y’all!! I woke up this morning feeling pretty Blah. I had a very trying week while working in my creative space and it just made it hard to, well, be creative! Thing is, being creative is what I do!! I can’t have another week of: Delayed shipments from my printer Equipment not working properlyContinue reading “Color makes a difference…”