4 ways to Become a Morning Person and Successfully Reach Your Goals

Are you having trouble reaching your goals? Maybe you need to change your routine and become a morning person! Here’s how you can make that happen.

Girl,Don’t Play Yourself: How to Stop Getting in Your Own Way and Achieve Your Goals

We will write to do lists, goal lists, an buy all the planners in the world, but what happens?? They sit there and collect dust. We make excuse after excuse of why we can’t do something or why now isn’t the right time. Newsflash! The only thing that’s holding you back is yourself. It’s time for you to stop making excuses and start taking action!

Color makes a difference…

Hey y’all!! I woke up this morning feeling pretty Blah. I had a very trying week while working in my creative space and it just made it hard to, well, be creative! Thing is, being creative is what I do!! I can’t have another week of: Delayed shipments from my printer Equipment not working properlyContinue reading “Color makes a difference…”

Pump yourself up…Stop being so negative!

Have you sat back and thought of all of the accomplishments you’ve had throughout your lifetime? When thinking on them, do you find yourself smiling and being proud? ABSOLUTELY!! You’re supposed to be proud of EVERY-SINGLE-ACCOMPLISHMENT. I know, for me, I use to sit and analyze the things that went wrong in the process vs.Continue reading “Pump yourself up…Stop being so negative!”

Unapologetically YOU Boo…

Do you find yourself apologizing for little things that you have NO reason to apologize for? Your hairstyle making someone uncomfortable. Your T-shirt making someone feel a certain way. What about you running your business and someone tries to make you feel bad because of YOUR prices?? Here’s the thing, if it’s not illegal-immoral-or unethicalContinue reading “Unapologetically YOU Boo…”

You gotta push yourself…

Good Thursday Morning!!! Waking up to the birds chirping, nice breeze through the window, and relaxing in bed make me want to just roll over and…STAY IN BED. The thing is, I’ve made a 5 day plan to get in a minimum of 3.5 miles in daily. I’ve gotten to 5 miles a day andContinue reading “You gotta push yourself…”

So this happened…

Going on 2 weeks I’ve been in serious pain starting from my neck and ending in my arm. I’ve tried my hardest to NOT go to the doctor because, well, I just didn’t want to go. You know we all have some sort of “healing powers” in our medicine cabinets right? Well mine didn’t work!!Continue reading “So this happened…”