The Business Woman

Running a business can be tough. So I decided to have three right?? I’ve learned to set time aside each day to handle business and NOT go insane. CEO of Imaj Enterprises, LLC which is the parent company of Designer Chic Designs, Twisted Flirt, and my E-Commerce store Vibez by Design. Trust me it can be hectic, but with a GREAT TEAM there is definitely a Happy Balance.

The Mommy

Proud mother of three amazing humans that are on their OWN schedules, life can be pretty busy. Thing is, I’ve learned to roll with the punches and enjoy the moment. Moving year to year being a military family made life different, hectic at times, but definitely an adventure. Each of my children has their own personalities and I LOVE every bit of it. Being a mom has made me stop and pay attention to the little details life has to offer.

The Wife

Married to her High-school Sweetheart at age 18. Within 1 year we had a kid, got married, and moved across the country with no family… Being a Navy wife, You would think I would’ve gone mad, but the ups and downs just made us BestFriends. We make time for weekly date nights, and have taken a step back to “get to know” each other as the years roll by. 20+ years in, it’s all about communication, flirting, and taking the time to understand one another.

I had to learn me… My Joys, My Fears, My Happy place. Once I did that, Life became a piece of cake…

J. Robinson, Dope Chic

About Me

Jami is a Wife, Mom, and Business woman living life on her own terms. After years of trying to find her Happy Place, she realized living life and NOT making it harder than it has to be makes living…Like a Boss.

This lifestyle blog offers so much for the busy “Mom-WifePrenuer“, from 30 minutes or less meals, motivation and selfcare ideas mixed with a bit of girlfriend humor… her tips and tricks will help you find YOUR happy place in Business, Family, Love, and most importantly YOURSELF.

Live life on your terms…

Happy Balance-Like a Boss…

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